Introducing Audrey Ava Neill

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Introducing the newest member of our family – Audrey Ava Neill. She weighed 7 lbs and 6 oz, 19 in – and came out alert and crying with a strong set of lungs! We are so excited to finally meet her.

I had a scheduled C-section this time around, and the delivery was so completely different from Bella’s. We arrived (a little late) to the hospital around 8am, they monitored us, took some blood and ran some tests and then we headed to the OR around 9:45. It was kind of surreal and very calm. Once in the OR, Jer had to wait outside until the spinal was in place…I got a little apprehensive at this point (just wondering if it was really going to work), but a very sweet nurse distracted me during the process and within minutes I couldn’t feel a thing below my chest. Baby Audrey came out quickly and easily at 10:07am. (Funny story, they couldn’t find one of the operating needles for a bit after they finished with me – so they thought they were going to have to X-Ray to be sure it wasn’t inside me – but they quickly found it after a few minutes of looking…) She has been very mellow all morning and latched on to nurse very quickly. The whole day has been very peaceful – Jeremy is at the nursury now with her while they give her a little sponge bath. I’m smitten – as is Jeremy…of course, we are biased, but we think she is absolutely beautiful. I think she actually looks a little like Bella did as a baby too. We are so excited to introduce her to Bella – it has been hard not to have her right here – but I also think it is for the best. (Bella is spending some quality time with MiMi at our house for the next couple of days.) Life is officially changed – and I couldn’t be more thrilled 🙂