Bella Pics

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There really isn’t anything exciting to write about from this weekend – I just couldn’t leave the picture of Bella at her shots as the top post anymore! So – I took some pics today to show you how she has grown. These were right after her lunch – we were cooing at one another on the couch while Jeremy watched The Cowboys. It is getting harder to get smile shots of her, because she can see the camera now, and every time I pull it out she looks at it with lots of curiosity instead of smiling – but I was able to sneak a few…We’ve had a bit of a challenging week since the shots – she just hasn’t been acting like the same baby…very fussy, and having a very hard time getting her to eat. I’m hoping that it is just a side effect from all those vaccinations, and it will go away soon. Today seemed a little better – and we were able to get her back on her schedule (which always seems to make her a happier baby). Next weekend her uncle Kevin is coming to visit! I’m sure I’ll have some great pics of the two of them to post.

2 months and growin’…

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Bella had her two month doctor’s visit today. She weighs 11 lb 8 oz, and is 25 in long. (at 1 mo she was 10lb/22.75in). Her weight is in the 75% and her length is off the charts (she must get that from her daddy – as I’m only 5 foot 2) Doc says everything is looking great overall! She had to get her 1st round of shots today – it was so sad to see her cry – she turned red in the face almost immediately (which she barely ever does). We got a record of her battle scars…Good thing babies have short memories. 🙂

We might just be crazy…

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Yes – ladies and gents…Jeremy and I may have actually lost all bit of common sense we had left! We decided to take Bella on her first road trip this weekend. We went to Santa Barbara because Jeremy had business there on Monday…and despite a little melt down after the trip up on Saturday (I think we were just pushing our sweet little eight week old a little too far…) – we had a great time! On the way up, we stopped at Rincon, a surf break near Malibu, so I could feed Bella beachside while Jeremy went for a quick surf. Bella’s eyesight must be developing alot right now – because she is just staring at EVERYTHING! Check out the view. 🙂

Sunday, Bella got all dressed up and we went for a nice long walk through the Santa Barbara Artist Market, and then along the pier. Jeremy and I followed that with a WONDERFUL meal at Brophy Bros – while Bella napped in her car seat.

Monday, I went to visit some of our snowboarding buddies in Simi Valley. I got some great pics of her with the Spencer twins – and totally spaced about getting good ones with the Murphy kiddos. We missed the Wood family altogether this time 🙁 – but I’m sure I’ll get back up there soon, so she can meet them as well….Bella will get to spend alot of time with these folks in Mammoth this spring, and I can’t wait to see them all grow up together.

Bella’s Nanny Kristine!

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Nanny Kristine started – and she and Bella are getting along great!! We are so happy to have Kristine around – she has settled right in and is truly a blessing…and, now I can get back to getting some work done! Jeremy and I even had our first night out on Saturday, at our neighbor’s (Phil’s) Birthday Party. It was strange not have my little girl right at my side (sometimes it feels like she is pretty much attached to my chest right now) – but it was a perfect first evening away.

George Visits…

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For Labor Day weekend, George drove all the way from Texas to meet his new grandbaby! We had such a nice visit. Bella enjoyed laying in George’s loving arms each morning. He declared that she was the cutest baby he had ever seen (I agree – although I think we both may be a little biased 🙂 George cooked up some wonderful meals while he was here. We even had a little BBQ with the Eismin’s, Muller’s and Turner’s on his last evening here. He and Jeremy had smoked a huge Brisket, and George made some delicious homemade peach ice cream and homemade strawberry ice cream (which went perfectly with a beautiful fruit tart Jenn brought). It was a GREAT evening – and there were 7 empty bottles of wine at the end of the night to prove it!

We look forward to seeing him again soon!

Hook ‘Em Baby!

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This weekend Bella went with us to see her first Longhorn football game with the San Diego Texas Exes group. She got all decked out in her Texas gear! While we look forward to taking her to her first REAL game – the SD group was great – with a huge (and loud) group ready to support the team. (I’m going to have to buy some baby ear muffs if we decide to go again 🙂 She slept through most of the game – waking for only the exciting moments when the crowd was cheering…