4 Month Checkup

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Bella had her four-month checkup today. All is going great! Here’s the info:

Height: 27 in (off the charts for a girl)
Weight: 13 lbs 7 oz (perfectly average at 50%)
Head Circ: 42 cm (soft spot still great)
Temp: 98.3 degrees

She had all of her shots, and even though she cried pretty hard for a few minutes, she relaxed and went to sleep on the drive home. Doc says she is doing GREAT! He wants us to wait until 6 mos to start solids, unless she starts seeming dissatisfied and unfulfilled with breastmilk – for the time being she seems fine, so I’ll follow his orders. The only thing he is requesting is that we train her to sleep a little longer at night (she currently sleeps about 9.5 hours, Doc wants 12). I guess we will have to figure out a way to get her to bed earlier…I think this will be more of a challenge for Jeremy and I, than it will for little Bella. It is just SO hard in the evenings to get it all together before 9 o’clock… 🙂 As soon as we get back from Austin, I am going to make it my goal to move her bedtime down to at least 8 o’clock consistently…

I’ll keep you posted on her progress!

Latest Milestones

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Last week, Bella let out her first little giggle – and we’ve been hearing them just about every morning since. 🙂

Today, she rolled over from her belly to her back 4 times! She accidentally went from the back to the belly a week ago, but the rolling today was no accident – she was just not into tummy time, and she was letting us know it!

I’ll try to get some video soon!

Aunt Christi, Uncle Jason and Grammy Visit…

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So sorry for the delay in updating – life has been really busy lately!! We’ve had lots of fun (Aunt Christi, Uncle Jason and Grammy came for a visit) and then some craziness (plumbing leak and broken dishwasher to deal with) so I haven’t been very good about getting around to downloading my pics. We had a GREAT time with Christi, Jason and Dianne – went to the OC and stayed in the most beautiful condo in Newport Beach overlooking Crystal Cove. I could have sat by the pool (with an ocean view) for days and been happy. Bella was all smiles most days, and enjoyed meeting her aunt and uncle (aunt ki ki and uncle jay jay) and spending some quality time with Grammy as well. Grammy was even kind enough to babysit for Bella one evening while we went out to a swanky little restaurant in Laguna Beach. I’ll post some better pictures in a couple of days (they are on the other computer – and Christi is going to send me some) – but here are a few…There are also just a couple of random pics mixed into this post that I’ve been wanting to put online…one of these is from this morning…It was 85 degrees by the beach today, so Jeremy and I took Bella and Hazel for a walk and had a yummy late breakfast downtown at the 101 Diner. Jeremy thought the little dress I put Bella in was a springtime outfit – but it fit the weather today perfectly…The other is Jeremy just playing with Bella and making her look like a monkey…