It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas!!

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Well – the weather has finally turned in San Diego (well – it’s rainy, and a cool 50 degrees, which is about as cold as we get here! HA!) So we finally decided to decorate and get into the Christmas spirit. When we got back from Texas, Jeremy and I went and picked out a tree, and we got all the decor out of the garage, and spent the day tree-trimming and watching football. This past weekend, we decided we better take some photos of all of our hard work with Bella under her first Christmas tree. We are really looking forward to heading to Texas again this Friday for her first family Christmas! We’ll be in Austin for the first part of our trip seeing my fam, then to Athens to see Ni-Ni, then down to H-town for the Neill Family Christmas…it will be lots of traveling!!

Other than that, Bella’s been having a great past few weeks…she is now rolling over like CRAZY! which is funny – because she still is not a huge fan of being on her tummy, so she just gets pissed after a few minutes, and I have to flip her back over (she seems to have forgotten how to go from tummy to back)…She is also REALLY loving her jumper (Thanks, Murphy’s!!) We’ve been putting her in it for a week or two (even though it is a little big for her still), and two days ago she finally figured out that she could actually jump (and not just play with the toys)…WOW – that sure made her day…you should see the smile and satisfaction she gets from that little contraption…(and it is great for mommy too!!) She will hang out for almost 30 minutes right now jumping like crazy, and after that a good nap is always in order!! I’m sure she’ll get sick of it eventually, but for now – I’m loving every minute of it, so that I can wrap presents and pack for our trip. I’ll upload some silly jumping video if I have a chance before we leave…To all of you near and far – hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Bella’s First Thanksgiving

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Bella had an awesome first Thanksgiving!! Bella was an excellent traveler – made it through an hour delay on the way there, and two hours delay (in flight) on the way back…mostly just sleeping. We got in late on Tuesday night and went to Aunt Sissy and Uncle Charlton’s house where she met all of her cousins over the next couple of days. My parents joined us, and we went to Central Park, and hung out at the playground on Wednesday – it was such a beautiful fall day. As usual, Bella was fascinated with the kiddos. That night we met up with Kevin at Matt’s El Rancho, and Bella slept the entire time, until the entire restaurant started with the Eyes of Texas Song…she immediately woke screaming…(Bella! This will be your favorite song someday…guess we’ve got to teach her a little bit more about her roots!!) Thursday, we had a wonderful meal at Chrissie’s house, and hung out with Mom, Dad, Kev, and all the Lairds. Friday, Jeremy and I drove out to New Braunfels to surprise Go-Go with her Great-Granddaughter…and I would say she was DEFINITELY surprised! It was awesome. Aunt Judy and Uncle Norman’s house there is just beautiful…it is so serene on the river, I could just sit and listen and watch it go by all day – the entire Neill/Hillegeist Family was there, and it was so nice to catch up and eat up the yummy leftovers from their Thanksgiving…Then we headed back to Dee Dee & Pa Pa’s house, where we relaxed, ate (MORE! I swear I gained 5 lbs this weekend!), watched football and hung out with the cousins. Bella even showed off for everyone rolling over a couple of times. I’m leaving out alot – but all in all – it was such a nice week! Very worth the effort heading out to TX and we are looking forward to going again in a few weeks for Christmas.

P.S. Last week she also started grabbing for things (ie – the beer in my hand! AH!) – her eye-hand coordination is definitely developing alot right now. I can hold a rattle over her head and she will reach for it and grab it with her hand (instead of raking at it and accidently getting it) Very cool to see her so excited when she gets at something she wants.