Chillin’ at the Crib…
(pun intended)

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It was really nice to have a weekend at home with no plans!! The whole family felt the need to just relax and be lazy. On Saturday, we didn’t even take Bella out of her jammies (they are super cute – so why not let her be comfy?) When the gray skies finally burned off, it was a beautiful afternoon, so we explored all of the blooming flowers in the backyard, and then went for a nice long walk to the beach and around the neighborhood. After a rainy morning on Sunday (and two VERY lazy parents relaxing in the house with Bella), we got motivated when the sun came out, and went to Home Depot to get the hardware to install Bella’s new outdoor swing. I’m very glad we (and when I say we – I mean Jeremy) installed it – she LOVES it!! She was giggling the whole time she was being pushed – I foresee ALOT of fun outside in our future! Happy Spring, everyone…

2nd Mammoth Trip and More…

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img_1241bimg_1245bLast weekend, we took our second trip up to Mammoth. We shared the condo (at the Courchevel) with the Tieman’s and their son, and the Spencers and Woods stayed in the complex as well. It was a great trip all and all – and so nice to see our friends. The weather was BEEEEEEAUUUUTIFUL – sunny, spring skiing – which is exactly what I am all about. Bella was inside most of the time, but she did make it out to the lodge a couple of days to socialize with everyone when we got off the mountain (I boarded Fri, Jeremy boarded Sat). She always gets lots of ooohhs and ahhs when wearing her cute little bears suit. I swear she loves the attention. 🙂 I must look trustworthy holding a baby (HA!) – as I had a mom ask me to watch her 6 year old while she went into the lodge to grab a drink. As the adorable little girl (with fairy wings attached to her ski suit and all) told me all about how she had been skiing since she was two years old, I couldn’t help but imagine what Bella will be like – and if she will even like skiing or boarding at that age. I hope so!

img_1270Jeremy and I decided to hit the road early Sunday, so that we could head back and see Sam and meet Pasqualle (for the first time!), who were in town visiting Grandparents. Bella was enthralled by adorable little Pasqualle (she reached out to touch him immediately) – and it was great to see Sam and Dale – it has been WAY too long. (Although I would have loved to see Lane and Sandy, too! I think we may try to hook up with Sam and Lane in Nov…YEA!) We got some cute pics of the daddies with the kids.

Quick Updates

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Quick Update for our records:

Bella learned to sit up by herself yesterday. She spent half an hour in the crib this morning practicing (which let me sleep another half hour – yea!). She also has both bottom teeth popping through now. We went to the doc last week for a couple of shots and she currently weighs 16 lbs 9 oz. She also tried Yellow Squash last week – and it is the new favorite. She gobbles it right up!

Amy is in town right now – and we are so happy to have her back around. Hopefully, she will move here very soon. Hazel is, of course, in heaven with all the attention Amy is giving her – and Bella has taken to Amy very quickly, and will let her hold her and smiles at her. I think that Bella is more comfortable seeing new people when she is at home. Doesn’t seem to be having any stranger anxiety issues. YEA!


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I’ve been chastised the past couple of days for not updating the blog lately, so here goes…Life has been busy. 🙂

Bella is growing, growing, growing…She is getting two little teeth in the front bottom. They haven’t quite popped through yet, but you can see the holes where they will, and feel the ridges with your finger. She is a bit cranky about the whole process, and her sleep has been very interrupted (which means mine has too!) – but I can’t really blame her – it looks painful. She is also trying SOOOOOO hard to crawl. She can roll really fast now, so when she gets irritated with trying to get what she wants, she usually resorts to a quick roll to reach it. She will get up on all fours and rock, then lunge forward, only to fall flat on her face. The determination is there – so I think it will happen in the next few weeks. (I’ll post video then! 🙂 The top photo is her in her dinosaur ball pit that DeeDee gave her. She is doing this funny thing when she is really happy where she crinkles her nose and snorts a few times. Really funny – in that pic I got it – but I keep trying to get it on video, too. Unfortunately, it is hard to get her to smile for the camera right now – because she is always amused and making those silly sounds when she sees it.

She has tried a few new foods – zucchini, prunes – likes!, carrots, green beans – hates….I’ll keep on tryin!

bigdonLast weekend, we traveled to Houston to cheer up Grammy after her surgery. We had a really nice and relaxing visit. We also got to see Go-Go, George and even MeMe and Big Don. Bella loves to show off for the crowd, sitting, rolling, and basking in the attention on her blanket. She is going through a little stranger anxiety right now – she is fine as long as Mommy or Daddy is in the room, but when we leave her with someone she is not really familiar with – she starts to cry. (This has even happened with our neighbors, who she used to go to fairly frequently…) She gets really upset if someone tries to pick her up when we are not around…I’ve read this is pretty normal. Hopefully it will only last a little while. I know there are more pics from the trip – but they are on Jeremy’s camera, so he’ll have to get them to me.

We have a busy next few weeks – Amy is visiting, we head to Mammoth again, and then we head on our first family vacation to Sayulita, Mexico!! I’ll post new pictures as soon as I can…Enjoy the last of the gummy smile photos! Our next batch will probably have a couple of pearly whites in it.

Below, Bella is relaxing in her beach tent at Beacons…