Bella – 11 months…

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We’ve been having such a good time – with lots of visits from the Neill Family – and a trip to the aquarium with Aunt Ki Ki and Uncle Jason. I’d love to write all about it, but I’ve got to get to work…We did finally get our camera back from Canon – Yea!! So I thought I’d post a couple of photos, since it has been a while…


Bella’s First Wedding and Camping Trip

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This weekend our friends Jamie and Anne were married in Coloma, CA at a campground next to the beautiful American River. (Jamie and Anne were some of our first friends to know I was pregnant with Bella, as we took a trip to Costa Rica with them the week after I discovered my pregnancy.) Taking advantage of the event, Jeremy and I decided to pack up the fam and head up early Thursday – and rent an RV at the local campgrounds. Ok…life has been a bit busy lately… I must admit, that I didn’t even know the name of the town we were going to until the day before, when I emailed Jeremy to find out so that I could get a local weather forecast…I frantically packed until 1am, and tried to finish up as much work as possible knowing that I wouldn’t be back until Monday. To say that I was stressed and didn’t sleep much before our travels would be an understatement. Also, knowing how big of a planner that I am – it was so strange to me to be heading on a trip that I knew absolutely NOTHING about.

img_1770img_17802When we finally arrived, I was overwhelmed by the serene beauty of our little site. (The top photo is the view from our site – and it really doesn’t do it justice…the wedding site was even MORE beautiful!) Listening to the river gush by, smelling the trees and dirt, watching the fire as Jeremy grilled us up some burgers after we put Bella to bed – and knowing that we had this cool RV to sleep in at the end of the night…this trip is what I always imagined camping should be! 🙂 Not to mention, there was EXCELLENT WINE COUNTRY nearby!!

We had such a good time – and I’m absolutely certain Bella did too!! Bella loves looking around at nature…the big trees, the funny birds, the whooshing river, the nooks and crannies in the RV – were all plenty to captivate her. She explored the deck of the winery we visited (playing with tissue paper happily). And she flirted with everyone at the wedding – and crawled and wrestled around with the other babies attending (there were quite a few!).

img_18171Unfortunately, our camera broke halfway through the trip 🙁 – but here are a few of the good pics we got early on. I couldn’t resist with the dimple butt pic…:)