So Late With My Stats…

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So…I had meant to update this info right after B’s 15 mo appt…but alot has happened since then. Some good (ie–an awesome family getaway to Santa Barbara and the central coast) and unfortunately quite a bit bad (whole family sick and Bella has her first two ear infections back to back…) – but we are all well now and gearing up for the holidays, so it is time for me to get back on track.

Stats for Bella as of 15 1/2 months…

Height: 33.5 in (above 97%)
Weight: 22 lb (25-50%)
Head: 47 in (90%)

And…Bella is OFFICIALLY weaned! (YEA for Mommy!! 🙂 ) As much as I’ll miss our snuggle time…it was time for her to move on – and although she still points and asks for it in the morning, we are going one week strong – I guess she is truly no longer a baby, and moving into toddlerdome.

As far as development, she is running and walking much steadier now (although she is still pretty clumsy…I have a feeling that might last through adulthood if she is anything like me…) She is also saying quite a few words: home, hi, bye-bye, mama, dada, apple, milk, open, up, down, ball… are some of the ones that I can think of off the top of my head. She is also really into buckles right now. She is still really into books as well. I’ve created her own little book case and she will pull every book out, and go through each page of each book. Creates quite the mess – but very cute and entertaining for her. She also loves to dance and humm twinkle, twinkle little star (she can do the whole song, and says “up above” for that one line – I find she sings it all day long. (We sing it to her before bed every night…guess it sticks in her head.)

Below are some pics that our friend Renee took of us at the beach. Will try to post some from our trip soon…Enjoy.