This year is flying by…

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So so so much has happened since my last post, I don’t even know where to start…

Let’s see..

First, Bella’s big girl room and my new office are all done – phew, one check on my list done…now I just need to organize baby no. 2 (no – we still don’t have a name – yikes!) room. They scheduled my C-Sec yesterday for Dec. 14, so the pressure is on.

Second, after a month of preschool (and many, many hard days), we’ve actually decided the school we chose was just not a good fit for her personality (just as she was getting adjusted to it – I know…we are awesome parents, huh…), SO we will be exploring new opportunities in that area and yesterday was her last day – I’ll keep you posted on her new adventures as soon as I figure them out myself…awesome.

Third, we had an exciting visit this month from Grandpa George. Bella and George had a blast playing together – and she just couldn’t be more excited to go and visit him soon as well! We played around the house, went to the farmers market and visited the local park. Mommy, Daddy and George got to go to the UCLA v. TX game – and that was a special treat for the adults as well.

Fourth, Bella is LOVING her new ballet/tap class! And I was lucky enough to get to go by and visit this week and get a few photos. She is also still LOVING swim lessons. She is doing great – can swim the length of the pool by herself – and they are starting to work on backstroke! That place is amazing!

Fifth, well – where does the time go? We are already talking about Halloween?!?! Tomorrow is the first day of October…This baby will be here before we know it…YIKES – I’m not really ready yet, I have way too much on my plate to do before that happens!! But…I’m sure it will all work out. It has to, right?!

Enjoy the photos! (If you click on them, you will see the full image…)

Visits from Mi Mi and Start of Preschool!

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The last few weeks have been really fun for Bella. First, Mi Mi came for a visit. We had a wonderful visit with great beach weather, and of course, they stopped by Bella & Mi Mi’s favorite bakery. (I took her there this week, and they knew Bella by name!) Jeremy got some of the cutest photos of the two of them – they are posted in the gallery.

Then, we had a nice Labor Day weekend. We pretty much just hung around the house / park / farmers market – but on Monday, Bella went to her very first Padres Baseball game. We sat in the park seats that have a sand play area in front. She had a great time!

And then…the biggest news of all…she started PRESCHOOL!  The night before she helped me pack her lunch, and picked out stuff to put in her new bunny backpack (which she picked out a few weeks ago…) She did great on her first day of school. Jeremy and I took her and hung out for about an hour since it was the first day. She showed Jeremy the “pirate ship” and all the playground area. She was really excited about all the different activities that they had set up – especially painting and clay. But, her very favorite thing was the school’s pet duck, “Quackers”. As she discovered him, she told me, “I like this duck! Mommy, I may just stay by this duck all day!!!” After she was accustomed to the place and introduced around, I left her for the remainder of the day. She did GREAT! (I think when I got home, I was probably more apprehensive than she was! HA!) No tears, and when I came back to pick her up, she told me, “Mommy, I’m having so much fun here!!” I’m absolutely thrilled (and relieved), and so excited for her to get used to it, and make some new friends. My sweet little baby is really just growing up…before I know it, she’ll be heading off to kindergarten. She is getting to be such a big girl!!