Happy Halloween

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We have had an amazingly busy October!!! It has been absolutely wonderful – we had Grandpa George in town again, got to visit the farm in Athens, meet our new cousin, Caitlin, and visit with family in Dallas, head to the TX vs. OU game and play at the TX State Fair, start at a new preschool (going great now!), have our Annual Pumpkin Carving Party, visit the pumpkin patch multiple times and, of course, Halloween! This means I have about a gazillion photos to go through!!! So…I’m very behind on that. I needed to start small – so I started with Halloween – and I’ll go through the rest and post them later…

Earlier this month I took Bella to a costume store, and she was not into any of the costumes…when we got home, I said, “Well, what do you want to be? Maybe I could order it on the computer? She said, “I want to be an Ant.” Hmmmm….I looked…turns out there are not alot of Ant costumes out for toddlers…I said, Anything else you would want to be? She said, “A spider or a crocodile would be good – I want to be something scary mommy…” Ok…I found those!! I let her pick it from the screen…She chose the Itsy Bitsy Spider. She was pretty excited about it – and I have to say I loved the costume as well!! I think it turned out pretty cute. We trick or treated with the neighbors and our play buddy Megan – and she absolutely LOVED trick or treating this year. She kept saying, “Let’s go to the next house!! This is FUN!!”

Hope you had a happy halloween too!! Click on any thumbnail below to see a big image.