Photos first, words later

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Audrey’s first photo shoot

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These are from when we were in the hospital. Can’t believe that was 2 months ago. So many things going on around here:

Funny thing Bella said…

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This was a post I was writing around Christmas that I never published…I’m going to try to update the blog a bunch this week…

MiMi: Bella, that is such a beautiful painting! You are such a great painter…etc..

Bella: It’s for you, Mimi!

MiMi: Really, Thanks! You know that painting you gave me last time I visited? It’s on my refridgerator and every time I look at it, I think about you and how much I love you.

Bella: Yep – if I was in Texas, you wouldn’t have to look at the painting you could look at me.

MiMi: I know, Bella…so I have a question for you – why aren’t you in Texas?

Bella: Well, MiMi, that’s just the way God made it.


A few weeks ago…

Bella: Mommy, I’m making a nest for the birds – will you help me.

M: Ok, Bella – let’s look around the yard. (We find a big leaf with a small black bug with red spots.) Look at this cool bug. Let’s go get your magnifying glass and take a closer look.

Bella: It looks like a lady bug – but it is black.

M: Yea, I’ve never seen a lady bug like that, I wonder if that is what it is…

B: I know mommy! We can GOOGLE it!!

M: (Laughing because I can’t believe she knows the term Google) Do you know what that means?

B: I’m not 100% sure.

M: (Laughing again at 100%) Do you know what 100% means?

B: no

M: Completely sure…

B: Oh good, that is what I meant…I think Google means search on the computer..

M: SMILE – You are right!!