Lazy, Hot Weekend

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We had a lovely, hot (seriously ridiculous – get me in some water, HOT!) weekend. I know you people in Texas think I am crazy – but when you don’t have an air conditioner – mid-80’s is REALLY hot. As I type, I know I am about to go to sleep in a room that is at 82 degrees…yuk.

Thought I’d spend a few minutes tonight catching up on my record keeping.

Audrey –
IS ALL OVER THE PLACE!! She is into EVERYTHING. She can now crawl – FAST – and pulls up on everything and wants to explore everything…including every stick that Hazel brings in on her fur to our floor…she particularly likes to put these in her mouth. We had our first choking incident this weekend. Scary. You seriously can not take your eyes off of her for even a second. She doesn’t want to sit still at all (not that she ever really did…), she is even irritated when you make her sit still for a BATH (which she used to LOVE). Diaper changes are pretty much a disaster – she tries to roll away. It is actually pretty funny, but frustrating at the same time when there is a chance of poop getting everywhere. She has started napping a little bit here and there – normally we can get a morning hour or so if we are home. She is sleeping somewhat through the night (4 out of 7 nights probably?) Normally from around 7 until 5am. She is doing so much better with eating – although she still doesn’t like apple, and I have avoided avocado altogether – she is now eating 3 baby food meals/day plus nursing 4-5 times…but she is still a little peanut! She loves oatmeal, sweat potato, yellow squash – and will tolerate peas, zucchini, carrots, pears, prunes and tofu. I’m doing about half home-made, half jarred stuff. Overall, she is such an easy going, happy baby – as long as she gets to move about a bit..and as long as you don’t take away whatever she is playing with. She is VERY possessive of whatever she is into at the moment, and she does not “forget” easily when you take it away. She is very into me, Bella and Daddy – especially Bella – no one can make her laugh as hard as Bella can.

Bella –
Is such a big, capable 4 year old. She can do so much – and is able to help out alot, too (when she is in the mood to!) She is really getting good at swimming – can do freestyle and is working on backstroke. She is always happiest around water. She is starting to make little friends, too. She is especially attached to Owen, our neighbor. When they leave for a vacation, she literally counts the days until he is going to return. It is so cute. I love it too – because they really play nicely together! We’ve starting doing play dates with some of her preschool friends as well, and she has been enjoying that as well. It is nice to see her become social and I love watching her play. She is very creative – loves pretend play at the moment. Her scenarios will range from going on a vacation, going surfing, going to the farmers market to going to a store. She love to do shows on her mini-tramp for us, and she still loves a good story. We have started reading the magic tree house books – and I am really enjoying reading these mini-novels to her. She is also starting to recognize letters – and to me that is SO exciting!! I think reading will open a whole new world to this kid!!! She and Jeremy still have this amazing special bond that has deepened so much over the last year. I know I am biased – but I think she is so darn smart – and I worry all the time about her – enjoying school, finding friends, knowing right from wrong, figuring out how to appreciate and enjoy the world around her…This part of being a parent is very difficult for me. I like to control everything – it is pretty hard to let go and know she will get through it. When she is happy – there really isn’t a kid who could be more fun to be around…when she’s tired or cranky – whew, watch out! She is SO attached to little Audrey, and still so family-oriented. It melts my heart that when you ask her where she would like to go for her next vacation, the answer is always family oriented- (Mi Mi’s, DeeDees – visit cousins, grandpa George, etc…) Even though we live so far away, she gets the family thing.

That feeling…

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You know that feeling that you have when you hold your baby, and they snuggle in real close, pushing their forehead into your chest, with the top of their head nestled in your arm – and you look down and see these perfect eyes, nose and lips and perfectly soft skin. And they look back up at you with an innocent possessive – your MY mom stare – and you know you would do ANYTHING to keep them safe and happy FOREVER.

Today, Jeremy and Bella were hanging out at the Y pool, and Audrey and I had a little alone time. And after her nap, she just wanted a little snuggle time, and I had one of those moments. Audrey just snuggled in, and then gave me one of her huge grins. I’m lucky – I get to have these moments all the time right now. She is so precious to me. I’m going to miss these moments. It is amazing to me how much a baby can communicate without being able to speak.

I remember when I would have them with Bella. Those snuggling moments are not nearly as often as they used to be now that she is 4. (Although the feeling that I would do anything to protect her and love her dearly still remains…) She would look at me with her soft brown eyes and (unable to say a word), just snuggle right into my chest.

I sure do love my girls. Wanted to have a written reminder of that moment today for every time I get frustrated with something silly in the future.