Audrey is Walking!

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I haven’t blogged lately because we were traveling (went to Colorado and had a lovely time with Grandpa George, Mi Mi, Aunt Christi, Uncle Jason & Caitlin) and then we all came back sick (and three of us still are…) and I am so behind on work, that when I get on a computer that is what I am trying to do…

But I wanted to record a couple of things real quick:

AUDREY IS OFFICIALLY A WALKER! She walks like a drunken sailor with hands up and on tip-toes, falling all the time…but she is over crawling and loves to walk everywhere. This has been going on since about a week ago – and she loves it! Other news about her – talking more and more, saying Bella’s name very understandably, loves to say BYE! Still nursing…growing, growing, growing – sweet as ever!

Bella had a doc appointment today and she is 38lbs, almost 42in – growing, growing, growing too! After a few hard weeks, we are back in the swing of things. She has been so helpful and cooperative the past few days. So sweet – helped me clean out the car, helping with Audrey, playing the funniest pretend games. The other night we were at her “pet shop” and she was really pushing for me to buy her “cat” even though I told her I am allergic. Was totally cracking me and Jeremy up. She is really into cutting up old catalogs and making a store out of them for me to shop in. Today, she drew her name in the sand at the park! So cool that she is interested in letters – and then she made birthday cakes out of sand for Audrey with a little girl she had just met. She drew a sun on the cake with her finger and then sang, “You are my sunshine my only sunshine” to Audrey. So sweet – melted my heart.