Let it Snow, Let it Snow,
Let it Snow!


This weekend was Bella’s first trip (of many!) to Mammoth – and it was quite the snowy weekend! We stayed in an awesome house that was beautifully arranged by Jeremy and Allison. Nate, Terri, Kaelyn, Brad, Sheri, Greg, Allison & Jeremy all stayed at this huge house – and we even got to see our Simi Valley friends while at the mountain – Eric, Michelle, Treyton (we missed Taylor – she wasn’t feeling well), Jim, Heather (we also missed Cole & MacKenzie – although Terri found Kaelyn playing with MacKenzie in the daycare when she picked her up on Saturday!), Suzy & Dan . And boy did it SNOW! It was pow, pow everyday on the mountain with foggy, white conditions. I got to try out the new snowboard that Jeremy gave me for Christmas – and it was a perfect trip to do it! After spending the last year off of the mountain (due to being preggers..) I was a little nervous as I hopped off of the first lift, but it comes back just like riding a bicycle – and I was reminded why snowboarding is my favorite sport ever. There really are few things better than looking out on that beautiful mountain as the wind whips through your hair and you fly down the hill. With my ipod cranked, it is almost like dancing when I float down the mountain – my mood is always instantly lifted to such a euphoric state. This trip – I really noticed all the little ones learning to ski around me. I know it will be a few years – but I think it will be so much fun to teach Bella how to board. Hopefully, she will be more like Jeremy than me – and pick it up quickly without much fear. (My poor parents, they must have had a LOT of patience that trip to Park City where they taught me how to ski – I remember that I was a very timid skier.) Most of this trip, Bella stayed inside and hung out in the warmth of the house (we did spend quite a bit of time staring out the window at the snow and evergreens). She is grabbing for EVERYTHING right now – so I layed her on the blanket alot on Saturday, and let her log roll towards everything (including this pic, where she was coming for the camera). But, we of course had to take advantage of the photo opp with such a beautiful snowy setting. The top pic was my favorite from the weekend – you can see the snow falling all around Jer and Bella – it was taken right before we headed out of town, but you can get an idea of what our weather was like by looking at it.


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Let it Snow!

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