Happy Memorial Day!

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We had another busy, but beautiful weekend. We went to Owen’s 2nd B-day party (and it was wild, tons of kiddos, and a delicious cake). We visited with Nate & Kaelyn. We had Baer & Nicole up for a night. And we went to the beach on Monday. The weather was sunny-perfect, and we spend most of our time outside. Hope your Memorial Day was just as good. Here are a few photos…Enjoy. šŸ™‚

Finger Foods, Pointing, Jibber Jabber and More…

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img_16633With sickness, came sleeplessness – so Bella seems to have taken a step back in the “sleeping through the night” routine…thus, it has taken me a bit to get the energy to post.

It seems to be getting better, though, lately…we’ve changed our routine a bit, and we even had a nice visit with Grammy last weekend – so things are looking up, and I thought I’d post a few funny pics of Bella eating. (She has been trying more finger foods = very messy! Grated Zuchinni/ Tofu squares in this pic – two of her faves…)

dsc030391She is growing up SO fast! It absolutely amazes me. She is crawling, waving at anything that moves, pointing to everything,Ā pulling up on EVERYTHING, looking at thingsĀ upside down, and jibber jabbering constantly.Ā Her favorite game right now is Peek A Boo or Where’s Bella? She loves to hide just out of your sight, and then pop back into view to make sure you are looking for her. It is really interesting to see that she is starting to understand that she has an affect on the world around her.

We went to the park with Grammy, and she loved chasing and waving to a pigeon…dsc03008she was so enthusiastic about trying to catch it – it looked like she might start running (if only she could get those feet under her!). She also was fascinated with the Seahorse on a spring, I think mostly because some older boys were playing on them (quite roughly!). She just kept waving, and waving – and crawling towards them. I know she is going to love going to the park even more the older she gets. (We’re gonna head over this afternoon with Owen for another afternoon of fun.) She and Grammy really bonded on this trip – they played, and played and PLAYED -and Bella really LOVED all the attention.

I’m sure she’ll be standing and walking before we know it – which will mean a whole lot more fun (and trouble! :). She seems SUPER determined to get there.

Enjoy the pics – I’ll post more soon.

First Sickness…:(

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Well, I guess it had to happen at some point. Bella is officially sick. I took her to the doc last Thursday for a 100 degree fever (which – they were like, duh, it is just a cold…), but it doesn’t seem to want to go away. Now, four days later – she still has the fever on and off, and tonight she started coughing šŸ™ – Poor little girl, she looks so tired and uncomfortable. We’ll probably head back to the doc in a couple of days if I don’t see any improvement. For now, baby IB, baby tylenol and a humidifier are our best buds…