Passy Update

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Bella –

I am so proud of you. These past few days have been hard for you – but I can see you are really trying. When Daddy got home on Friday, you proudly announced that you no longer use a passy. You even found an extra one last week in your backpack and brought it to me to give to Mickey.¬† Night times were a fairly easy transition…the naps have been a different story. That is why I had to write you this little note…today, for the first time since you gave up your passy, you willingly went down for your nap. Congratulations Bella…Disneyland, here we come.

Love you,


Mickey Mouse has a lot of power.

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Dear sweet little Bella-

Yesterday, we spoke alot about Mickey Mouse and Disneyland. You really want to go. Today, Mickey sent you a box for all of your pacifiers that are payment to get into Disneyland. You decided that you were ready to give them to Mickey so that he could give them to the new babies that are being born. Tonight, that magic box disappeared into thin air, taking your beloved passys with them. Bella – you are so brave. I am so proud of you. I know this was very difficult for you to do. ¬†Tonight, we talked about how it was ok to be sad that you didn’t have a passy, but that you were going to get to go to Disneyland and meet Mickey the Mouse after 7 nights sleeping without it. You had me tell you the story of my trip to Disneyland as a child 4 times before you finally settled into your crib ready to try to go to sleep. You tossed and turned for about an hour, but you did finally descend into dreamland. My heart has been breaking all evening as I listen to you toss and turn, knowing that you are missing something you love so dearly – but I am SO PROUD of you. I guess this is the first step towards becoming a big girl, and you are handling it so far with so much grace. Seven Days…I hope they go by quickly…and I’m excited to take you to meet Mickey Mouse and get your well-deserved hug from Mickey. I hope the most magical place on earth lives up to your expectations.

I love you dearly,