Poor baby girl…

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Audrey just can’t seem to catch a break. After our debacle last week thinking she had the stomach virus, and then deciding she just was allergic to avocado. (She puked all afternoon on Tuesday, wouldn’t drink anything for 8 hours and became super lethargic…), I decided to just breastfeed her – no more solids for a while. Then, she came down with a little cold this weekend, and is snotty and coughing. So today, when she seemed better, and was watching me intently eat my breakfast – I thought…hmmm…let’s let her have a little food today. We tried Pears. She didn’t like it. I mixed a little rice cereal in. She tolerated a few bites, but had very little interest so I decided to stop feeding her. Two hours later…we were in the same situation as last Tuesday. Poor kiddo was puking up everything until only bile was coming out. She calmed quicker this time, and fell asleep for a few hours, but still refused to nurse or drink Pedialyte until about 5pm. After she did – she was all smiles again. Even trying to crawl and such. She seemed more tired tonight than usual and fell asleep nursing (which we don’t normally do..) Now, I don’t know what to think!?!?! BUT – I do know that I do not plan on feeding that child anything but breastmilk for the next month. I don’t want to see her poor little lethargic sad pukey face again. I guess I definitely have some stuff to ask the doctor about at her 6 month appt.

Besides her health issues – she is doing great. She is a smiley baby, very even tempered. Trying SOOOOOOO hard to crawl, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets it in the next few weeks. She currently “crawls” backwards. She also does “Downward Dog” and then falls forward. It is pretty funny. If she can just figure out how to put one hand forward, she’ll have it…And then, I got to do some serious baby-proofing around this house!

Audrey Laughs

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I’ve been working on getting Audrey into a major Routine (schedule) and it seems to be helping with her sleep a bit! Two nights ago I even got 6 hours in a row!! This is huge for her. (Who would think I would celebrate being woken up at 5am ten years ago?!) I actually feel a little bad for her, as I am constantly schlepping her around to get Bella at preschool during her nap times, so I am taking advantage of Dianne being here to try to give her some consistency in her crib this week. It seems to be helping – YEA! I got video of her laughing yesterday. Thought I’d post..Click on the link below to see.


PS> Yes – We are all still sick. This is really starting to be a bit ridiculous.


We have butterflies!!

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We have butterflies (2 so far! I think more will come out of their chrysalids tomorrow!)!!! And Strep and nasty colds (AGAIN!)…but what can you do? Since Bella stayed home from preschool today, it gave us something fun to do. We picked out flowers from the yard and dropped sugar water on them for the butterflies to drink.

Since bugs seem to be our favorite thing right now, we decided to make snails for dinner tonight. Bella ate everything on her plate. 🙂

Audrey update – her hips are just fine – she is just not very flexible – YEA! She is still not sleeping (although it is was a teensy bit better last night – only up twice instead of three times…) She also refuses to sleep on her back, immediately flips to her tummy. I’m constantly a worried mama due to this, but I am trying to get over it and just be happy that she is at least asleep.

Mi Mi visits in 5 days! YEA!!!!! As usual, Bella is counting down the days. Hopefully we will all be well by the time she gets here.