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As usual, I’m behind on my blogging records. I am going to apologize in advance to any friends/family reading this post. I am planning to put a bunch of stuff I don’t want to forget in here (some very boring mommy records stuff) and it is so much stuff I know I won’t organize it with any clear thought, so I will put photos first (so you can look at the good stuff and skip the rest)  🙂 and then I’ll put the text at the end.

Fun in Park City!
Bella’s First Snowman (with lots of help from Mi-Mi.)

Goofing off while Daddy takes her on a bike ride.

Poor Hazel! Bella really does think she should be a horse instead of a dog…we are lucky Hazel is so good with her…
With Daddy at the wild animal park.
What do you mean I’m too small to fit in Desi’s baby seat? I think it is quite comfy…and you can’t move me 🙂

–We were all so sick with bugs this Jan/Feb. Bella, in particular, had a problem with reoccuring ear infections. I finally switched her pediatrician, and am so much happier with the new Doctor, Dr. Wood. Bella is much less terrified of her – and she really tries to make her feel comfortable, which makes visits so much less stressful. (Plus – they are so much more available!) Such a new mommy mistake to make. Glad we figured that out…

–Bella is now singing more than just Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star…she likes Jingle Bells, Row, Row, Row Your Boat, Are You Sleeping, Wheels on the Bus – and is almost always humming a tune when she plays with her dollies. She’s a ham…loves to perform for us. Especially after getting out of the bath. She puts on quite the performance. I have video that I will definitely use as embarrassment material when she gets older. 🙂

–She is playing so much more independently now. She lines all her dollies/animals up and feeds them, gives tea or medicine. So funny! She also loves to take the books off the shelf and look at each page. She’s very attached to Elmo dolls.

–She is talking sooo much. Putting together full sentences – so great that she can tell us what she wants. Funny stuff she says (besides pretty much repeating the end of everything we say…Jeremy and I are going to have to learn to watch our language…) – after sneezing, “Bless You Bella”…anytime “Alright”…”Come On Mommy” – She said thank you to me (without prompting) after giving her a blackberry at breakfast yesterday – melted my heart. She is also now saying I love you, too – we love that! She also tries to count (and gets to five pretty good, although I also hear alot of 1, 2, 3, 5, 7…)

–We started swim lessons this month. She L.O.V.E.S. it!!!!! I can’ t think of anything I’ve seen her do that she enjoys more than this. She wants you to dunk her under the water the whole time, or to jump off the wall to you. Her smile is plastered across her face the entire 30 mins.

–We took a fun trip with Aunt Ki Ki, Uncle Jason and Mi-Mi to Park City. Bella was sick the whole trip, but her and Mi-Mi really bonded anyway. Mi-Mi took care of her the entire trip while Jeremy and I snowboarded and played like adults without children. It was amazing for us – I can’t even put to words how grateful we were…

–I went on my first girls trip since B’s birth last weekend. She and Daddy really bonded while I was away. They had a great time playing with the neighbors, going on bike rides and to the park. They even went to a local soccer game. And it was amazing for me to getaway and be truly baby free for a few days.

–She is starting in on those terrible twos. We are finding ourselves using reverse psychology and distraction tactics on a daily basis at this point. She is still a really happy child, which I think will make this period easier, but she wants to do things her way always now (which sometimes is just not possible), and she is now starting to test our boundaries (ie – I know mommy doesn’t want me to throw the milk on the floor, and I heard her tell me not to do it again, but I think I’ll just do it one more time and see if she really gets upset…) Most days are not too challenging, but I do find myself saying “No, we are not allowed to do that because…” pretty much all day long some days. I think I am about to get a free lesson in what “patience” is really all about.

–We started video calling with Mi-Mi and Dee Dee and Pa Pa. It is awesome. I love it. Technology is so wonderful…

–The child LOVES raisins…by far the favorite snack right now…(to which, mommy says eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww) 🙂

–The child LOVES trains and helicopters right now. When we see the train at the park, she gets so excited. One day, she actually laughed until the tears came. Hilarious. We like to count the helicopters (there are normally alot, since the military bases are so close). The other day she saw an ambulance copter up close because it was flying low, and she said, “pretty helicopter”

–She has 16 teeth. She loves “teeth time” but is not the most cooperative tooth brusher…