Why having kids is so awesome.

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Today when I was taking my shower (because that is when I ponder the most…) I was thinking about some of the things my kids have taught me or helped motivate me to do that I didn’t do before I had kids.
1> To appreciate silly sounds and moments. (even secretly laughing when my daughter says poo poo…oh come on, I know I did it as a kid…I think I turned out ok…)
2> To truly appreciate time that I have to my self and any free moment without having to feed, clean or care for someone else, even if it is only for a couple of minutes.
3> To learn to control my temper and try very hard not to yell (this one I am still working on…but having kids has definitely helped me figure out how important it is…)
4> To realize it is completely ok for people not to get what they want sometimes. In fact, not getting what you want sometimes is really really good, because it makes you appreciate it when you do get what you want.
5> To realize that the above is a really really hard lesson for a kid to learn so I am going to have to be very patient when they whine and cry while learning it.
6> That they make me want to be a better version of myself daily so that I can be a good example.
7> To forgive myself at the end of the day when I make a bunch of mistakes. Because I make lots of them…parenting is really hard.
8> Having a shower by myself is something to be appreciated.
9> Eat better, so that I can live longer and see them grow. Make better health habits.
That is all. Just wanted to write it down so I remember.