Little things I don’t want to forget…

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Well, I was just going through some old posts, and reminiscing…Bella turns 15 months next week. Tonight, we had such a nice family dinner (Bella’s first taste of crockpot ribs, and she quite enjoyed – kept doing the more sign over and over…she liked the sweet potato too, of course…) and I was looking over at B and I said, “I wonder what you are going to look like when you get a little bigger and have some more hair…” Jeremy looked at me, and said I was just thinking that same thing yesterday…I realized as I looked at her, she still just looks like my little baby girl, although she has definitely grown so much over the past year…to others she probably looks like a toddler…but not to me…I wonder if it will always feel that way?

Anyhow, I realized I haven’t been record keeping very well lately, and I don’t want to forget this stuff (because the last year already seems like a blur) so I am going to write it down now.

Bella is now RUNNING…albiet, like a drunkard with no sense whatsoever…She is hilarious, and loves to play chase (I’m gonna get you) with us. I’m hoping the clumsiness is due to the relatively short period she’s been moving on two feet, and not a hereditary trait she gained from my graceful genes. She is gaining about two new words per week, and learning to pronounce some of the words that she already knew a little better so that I can tell it REALLY is the word that I though it was. Even funnier, she is babbling like crazy when she plays or wants something. I swear earlier today she was cursing me out in her own funny baby language…she often does this when she wants me to do something until I figure it out (today, she wanted me off the phone and to put her on her rocking horse…go figure..) I have a hard time not laughing when she does this…but I really do try not to, I don’t want to be rude- she can’t help it that she can’t talk yet!

As she has grown, her routine has finally settled into what I am hoping will last for a couple more years.

Wakes about 6 am (nurses until 7…yes, I know…its ridiculous…but it gives me an extra hour of rest after I drag myself out of bed and get her – last feeding we need to ween)
Breakfast – 8am
Lunch – around 11:30-noon
Nap – 12:30 – 2:30 or 3
Dinner 6:30
Bedtime 8pm

Anyhow…enough record keeping for the night…I’m beat. I’ll have a true record keeping update next week after her 15 mo doc appt.

Annual Pumkin Carving 09

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Last night we had all the neighbors over for our annual pumpkin carving. I made a bunch of cupcakes and as we got all the kids on a big sugar high, and they began the task of cleaning out the pumpkins and carving scary faces (the parents did their fair share as well 🙂 )We roasted up the pumpkins seeds, and posed for a few photos in the yard- I’d say it was our best pumpkin carve yet! Even better, afterwards, the mommies of Calle De Madera decided to head out for sushi….what a nice break that was!! Yum…


Visiting Dee Dee and Pa Pa

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Dee Dee and Pa Pa were supposed to come out to CA this month, but since my dad got some bad news about his cancer progression (please keep him in your prayers), we decided to go visit him last week. It was a really nice visit! Bella was so good the entire trip – and she even said “Pa Pa” a few times. Since I know dad is going to go through a very tough next few months, it really meant alot to us to get out there and have a nice visit while he was feeling good still. Bella is finally at the age where she will goof around with them – and she really took to Pa Pa, I got some cute pics of them goofing off together during dinner one night…