Bella the Big Girl

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My sweet Baby Girl turned 3 last week. Three years has gone by so fast. This week, I have been working on her 3 year scrapbook, and reviewing all of our memories from the past year and I am just amazed by how much she has grown over this year. She truly is becoming a BIG GIRL and I couldn’t be more proud of her.

She had a nice Birthday despite a few hiccups in the day. Poor Daddy got food poisoning the night before, so unfortunately, the day wasn’t very nice for him. Bella and I met up with Cash/Sheri and Megan/Joann at LegoLand waterpark. Bella always has fun when we go there. The smile she gets on her face while splashing around in that pool is contagious – I get so much joy watching her. She likes two of the slides, but mostly right now, she is excited about putting her face under the water and holding her breath. She can make it about 5 seconds. She bounces out from under the water and says, “Did you see? I’m gonna do it again…watch me!” I’ve decided it is officially time for real swim lessons, and have found a class I want her to start next month. Then we came home, napped (sort of) and had the neighbors over for some hot dogs & cake. Bella had lots of fun playing with all of the other children – and loved that she got presents, too! Our house is filled with all sorts of new playthings for her to enjoy.

We started potty training the week before her birthday – and she is doing SO good! I decided to try M&M’s as motivation – and what do you know…they seem to work. This week, I’ve been taking her everywhere with Big Girl underwear on, and no accidents in public so far. I think we’ll wait quite a while for naps and night-time, but I am just so proud of how far she has come the past couple of weeks. Now…if I could only get her to wipe. HA!

I’m in the process of building a shed/office in the back and so we’ve had lots of workers coming by to give me quotes on the various projects I need done to accomplish the move from upstairs to the back. Unfortunately, they sometimes show up announced or with bad timing. Today, one contractor showed unannounced during the start to Bella’s naptime. Well, she was having none of it… After I put her down, she climbed out of her crib (this is the first time she had EVER done that!), and walked down the stairs. After excusing myself, I carried her back up, put her in the crib and walked back down to finish my conversation. This repeated 10 times before I just gave up. So today, I installed the daybed conversion on her crib so that she can climb out on her own without breaking her neck. (She was thrilled with this change…) Miraculously, she went to bed with very little fuss. I’m curious to see if she creeps into my bedroom this evening. I’m crossing my fingers that I won’t have a night-time visitor. Taking down the “crib” is so BIG GIRL – I am not even ready for it!!

I wish I had the photos ready to post from her Birthday – but unfortunately, they are on Jeremy’s camera…but I do have a couple more photos from the Laird visit. These are when we went to Mission Bay for Cash’s Birthday Party, and also when I carted the adults around to the Temecula wineries (yes, I was the nice pregnant designated driver…) Enjoy…

More Photos, More Fun!

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Summer is here – and we’re having a LOT of fun. We’ve been to Ruidoso to visit Dee Dee, had Mi Mi for a visit, and currently have the Laird family visiting. We’ve done lots of trips to Legoland and just got back from Disneyland today. I thought I’d post some pics…If you want to see the full photo, you can click on the small thumbnail.