Ms. Independent

This weekend Bella and Daddy are camping with the Adventure Princesses. So Audrey and I are spending some major quality time together.

Every time someone new meets Audrey and spends a little time with her, they always comment on how independent she is. She is VERY into doing things herself right now, and if the older kids are doing it…well, then she thinks she should be doing it, too.

I probably hear the phrase, “I DO IT!!!” a hundred times in a day. And if I ever step into help…oh Lordy! We have a major tantrum on our hands. Since it is just the two of us this weekend, I’ve been able to move real slow and let her really try to do whatever she wants (that is safe of course). She has tried to climb in and out or things, put on/take off her own clothes, buckle herself in the car seat, open food packages, pour things, change the music in the dvd player and much, much, much more. While she doesn’t always succeed (often meaning a tantrum of some sort and then finally asking for help) – I love seeing the determination on that little face of hers and the excitement when she does get something (she screams YAY!!! I DID IT!!! And her chest swells a little…)

Today, we visited with some friends in Dana Point and went swimming. The older kids (6 yr olds) were jumping into the pool to their Dad – and Audrey of course wanted to do the same. The kid still doesn’t get the concept of jumping on two feet – but she certainly gave it her all – and the determination and joy on that little face as I would catch her in the pool is something I don’t think I will ever forget.

I love you my little Ms. Independent.