Happy Birthday Bella!

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My sweet Bella –

This summer you and I have been having so much fun! Happy Birthday, my love – I can’t believe you are already six. I still remember when you were just a teensy tiny babe, with a huge smile for your head and the warmest snuggles in my sling. I remember the challenges you gave me as I was learning to be a mom, and the love that I felt in my heart for you that just made it feel like it might burst right out of my chest it was so big. What is amazing, my sweets, is that that love has grown bigger and bigger and bigger each and every year. I had no idea I was capable of loving so much! Thank you for giving that to me.

You are growing so nicely. I am so proud of your efforts learning to read, learning to be cooperative and gaining social skills. You have made some lovely friends this Kindergarten year (Maya and Delilah). And beyond that, everyday, I am amazed at what a kind and loving sister you are. I imagine that my sister was much like you are to Audrey. She loves you just as dearly as your dad and I do. I hope as you grow, you will continue to be best of friends.

This year, Dad and I gave you a swing set for your birthday. This morning when you were pumping back and forth – a huge smile was just plastered on your face. You told me you love it – and said you have had a great birthday. That just made my day.  I love seeing you happy.

We’ve had a lovely summer together – I sure am going to miss having you with me all day when you have to start back school.

I love you so much,