Checking things off my list.

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I recently made this long list of things I need to complete. It has been pretty satisfying to check things off of it – and tonight I FINALLY finished Audrey’s 1 year book! YEA – my goal was just to finish it before Bella’s birthday – and I’ve still got a few days to spare…feels good! Uh…now I guess I will start the family book for 2013 so I can finish it sometime before Christmas.

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Welcome Summer.

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We welcomed summer a little early this year with our family trip. We met up with Dee Dee, Richard, Kevin, Shawna & The Lairds in Yosemite National Park for 5 nature and breathtaking view filled days.

I was a bit worried about how the drive up would be – but our kids were AWESOME. Seriously, they were so good in the car…it makes me think we should do more road trips. Originally we had planned to stop in Fresno for 1 night and then meet up with our family the next day, but because we made so few stops and the kids were just chillin, we decided to head on up to Oakhurst and stayed in the Yosemite Best Western Plus. It was a GREAT option. Our two-bedroom suite room (rm402) was huge and there is a little play structure/bbq pit right outside the patio and a little pool we took the kids to. We ate at Pops (yum for dinner- just ok for breakfast) and it was an excellent way to start our trip!

The next day everyone flew into Fresno and we went to meet up with them and head to the rental house in Yosemite. Although the house was a bit more rustic than our previous years house in Big Sky – the location was absolutely awesome. It was right inside the park – so we were able to really get around and see and do alot inside the park (Last year – we didn’t even see the upper loop at Yellowstone – we really want to go back and do that!)…

WOW – I started this post on June 22 – and I am just now getting back in here to finish it. Hmmm…let’s see what I can recall.

Yosemite is beautiful. We loved hangin with our family – and felt like on this trip we got to spend a whole lot more time with people because we were so close to the sightseeing and able to do some meals together. Unfortunately, a hiking trip isn’t super awesome for someone with a broken foot (Jeremy), and Audrey had a high fever most of the trip due to an ear infection which kept her from sleeping most of the nights – but health issues aside, we still had a great time. Bella LOVED hanging with her cousins (especially Chandler). And Audrey just enjoyed exploring new stuff constantly.

We continued on to Bass Lake with the Lairds. That was so fun. We played on the lake – rented boats, and the boys even took the kids on a fishing trip (where they caught loads of fish!). The adults played poker with Connor most nights. (He is growing into such a great teenager!)

Awesome. Hazel just got skunked. Someday I will finish this post and talk about how crazy and fun our summer has been. But for now, I am going to go make a solution of hydrogen peroxide/baking soda/soap so I can get some of this stink off of me. Someday I will catch up…some day.