Getting into our Routine.

The last month has literally flown by. There have been ups. There have been downs. There were vacations and new adventures! But I *think* we are finally getting into our routine.


After the first week of school, I think Bella realized that she was actually going to have to keep going. The newness had worn off – and she was not happy about the prospect of going to school 5 days a week. She would sob at night about how sad she was at school and how she missed home and it was just too long of a day. She would cry as she walked into the school in the mornings. It was really sad, and really stressful – but we just kept trying to reassure her that it would get easier, while firmly letting her know she still had to go. This lasted about a week, and then, one day she put on a brave (but very solemn) face and we hugged and kissed (and kissing hand) and she walked in. The next day, a little girl was standing by her in the line and they got in a conversation, and then when it was time to go in, she cheerfully walked in the line. Since then, most days she complains about the fact that she has to go to school, but she walks in willingly and even cheerfully. (When I pick her up, she always seems happy – so I don’t really worry too much.) This morning, she ran laps around the play yard before school. There is a running club (starts tomorrow) and she wants to join – and I’m thrilled for her that she is excited about something having to do with school and that is healthy for her body.

We also went to Colorado and visited MiMi and Grandpa George over Labor Day. We had a WONDERFUL trip. So relaxing – but full of activity at the same time. I took Bella horseback riding one morning (she rode tandem with the guide). She loved that. I think next year she will be ready to ride by herself. We went out to some beautiful lakes and rivers and Jeremy fished and the girls played in the water. Grandpa George cooked us wonderful food everyday. Bella and Grandpa George made homemade peach icecream. And the last day we explored the hotsprings – and in the afternoon I explored them further (and had a massage!) while Jeremy and MiMi took the girls to the Animal Refuge Park. It was a really nice trip. I really like Colorado (Pegosa Springs in particular)…I think I could live there – so so pretty in that area.

The next weekend Bella started Adventure Princesses (ie-Indian Princesses) with Jeremy. They went on their first camp out and had a great time. Bella zip-lined, swam and came back sooooo dirty and full of stories. I think it is alot of work for Jeremy, but really great bonding time for the two of them.

Audrey and I had a nice time spending some one on one time together for a very relaxing weekend while they were gone. Audrey is going through that “every single thing she does” is SOOOOOOOO cute right now. She is exploring everything, into everything, repeating words and phrases… This week, she started using actual sentences. (She is still hard to understand sometimes, but she is definitely trying!) You have to keep a very good eye on her – but she is really sweet (so so lovey and snuggly) and actually getting good at following directions, too. Since she loves to climb everything (she can do almost all the climbers at the park by herself!) I thought she might like a mommy and me gymnastics class. We started last week – and she does absolutely love it. She is so outgoing – she loves going to the teacher and seeing the other kids. She is not thrilled about having to wait her turn – but there is always something else to climb or jump on in the gym while she waits. It is nice to see her do something that is “hers”. She is growing so fast, she is totally a toddler now – no longer my little baby ;( – I actually weaned her completely last week, which was bittersweet. It is nice to have the freedom, but I miss our snuggles already. Luckily, she loves to snuggle up on the couch or in bed to be read to! She lays right in the crook of my shoulder…I love that.

I feel like we are getting in the swing of things with school and our routine a bit this week. Even though it is really hot here, there are signs of Fall, and Halloween catalogs galore in our mail – and of course, Bella is already geared up for it. She wants to be something “scary” (of course) – her plan right now is to be a witch and have Audrey as her black cat…or to have me be a witch and Audrey be a black cat and she can be a bat…hmmmmmm…I’ll be interested to see what she actually picks at the costume shop. One thing is for sure, this kid LOVES Halloween.